Travel Health Insurance For Guest Scientists

In the table below you find a few health insurance options for guest scientists. Please note that DESY is neutral in relation to the different insurance options. The examples are listed in alphabetical order. The list is not final, there are more, similar options.
DESY is not acting as an insurance broker and does not take warranty for the range of insurance coverage. Insurance contracts will be made only between the insurance company and the customer.


International Science Health Care Plan

Klemmer International "Work & Profession"

Mawista Science

EUR 49 children up to 18th birthday
EUR 69 from 18th up to the 65th birthday
EUR 246 from 65th to 75th birthday
+ deductible EUR 25 per illness
EUR 47 (1st to 24th month)
EUR 75 (25th to 48th month)
+ deductible EUR 20 per illness
EUR 42 /mth. (up to 12 mths.)
EUR 60 /mth. (> 12 mths.)
EUR 44.80 (1st to 12th month)
EUR 72.10 (13th to 60th month)
+ about 100% extra if age above 40 yrs.
max. 60 mths.
max. 48 mths.
max. 36 mths.
max. 60 mths.
age limit 75 yrs.  
age limit 3-60 yrs.
age limit 55 yrs.
personal liability insurance plus accident insurance for EUR 5 /6 /9 extra
personal liability insurance included
personal liability insurance included
personal liability insurance included